Monday, 6 December 2010

Change Display, Facebook up more good

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW YORK - Facebook has redesigned profile page more than 500 million users to make their accounts more reflects real life and emphasize one of these sites feature the most popular, photo.
Facebook managers said in a blog, the changes are intended to allow users to share their stories - who they are, where they work, their life philosophy and those most important in their lives.
The change puts greater emphasis on visuals, from photos to fit the image of interest pengguna.Bagian new biography that includes not just tell you who you are and where you live but a set of the latest photos from friends who knew your tags in it.

Previous user must click on the "tab" to see the latest photos in the profile. Users also get the important features of friends on their profile view, whereas previously only choice is acak.Dan beside their work list, users can add projects they do.
All additions are trying to provide a more complete picture of someone, something that might be attractive to advertisers up. The company's privacy policy does not make changes while doing this redesign. AP/c41Source::


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