Monday, 6 December 2010

Yahoo Messenger tested 11

Some time ago, Yahoo Indonesia held a ground coffee with a number of bloggers and activists in the Internet world of Indonesia. A kind of celebration of the launch Yahoo! Mail Beta.
Coffee ground that there was no speech. The audience is seated, ordering food, and chatting among each other. One topic of conversation is heard is a matter of capacity on the email "jebot era." Delete emails in the inbox never become the important activities of the access of the internet!
Speaking of the virtual world in Indonesia, I think no exaggeration to say Yahoo! is an important part in it. Formerly known as search engines, people then use the email service also Yahoo. 

Then, in the data traffic still pass through "pipes" much narrower than now, one of the important activities on the internet is chat. Maybe you also could feel the fever ICQ to mIRC. Well, Yahoo is also opening the service to enliven the talk-talking virtual worlds via a product called Messenger.
Developed from Yahoo! Paging which was first released in 1998, Messenger has now released the version 11 beta. Of course, many new facilities have completed this latest release.
I own, including a late advantage Messenger service. Opening email Yahoo! in 1999, I recently tried Messenger about two-three years later. I have been amazed that there is community organizing "social gathering" through Messenger conference facilities. No deposit money, but continue the conversation window was flooded with messages containing the small talk that its speed exceeds the running text on television.
Time passed, and now the Internet has become part of life, especially in the urban infrastructure of the Internet untouched. I was so widely used, people can not even conscious of being surf. Yahoo! once told a colleague, in a focus-group discussions, he never met the participants who admitted to not using the internet on mobile devices. "But he regularly update the status on his Facebook on mobile phones," said the colleague.
Speaking up, the last release already Messenger chat service connects the two. Now, via Messenger, you can converse with colleagues online in Facebook without having to open the page up. In your contact list will show a group called "Facebook Friends". Look at who's online there. For me, this is a very useful feature because it does not need to open two services at once.
Integration with Facebook is continuing further. Users can share and update status, post comments and monitor the various conversations on Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter, enough of the Messenger 11. In the column Y! Updates, you can monitor and comment on updates from Flickr, Twitter, and others.
In version 11, you can also play with peers. A number of social game from Zynga, OMGPOP and Elex can be played with a click of the Messenger. Try, for example, play Fishville or Pool of the Messenger 11. List of this game will continue to grow.
What also should not be overlooked is a more clear sound facilities. You can also chat with this video with high quality images in full-screen mode.
There is also a feature of short messages to your friends cell phones from Messenger. The answer from them will go on your Messenger. In Indonesia, the operator supports this service is XL, Indosat, 3 and Telkomsel.
These features you can enjoy by downloading the latest version of Messenger in Try and find features that match your needs.

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