Sunday, 12 December 2010

2010, up almost Mastering World

This December, Facebook has overcome Orkut in India.

June 2009, there are 17 social media scattered throughout the world. Up is one of the largest, but not dominate. December 2010, several social media falling beaten up.

Vincenzo Cosenza is conducting a search popularity of social media since June 2009 until December 2010. Using Alexa and Google Trends, Cosenza find Facebook has almost mastered the world.

As reported by Mashable, Facebook in June 2009 to dominate the social media in the United States, Britain and Australia. This December, Facebook has overcome Orkut in India and also some countries in Latin America.
Friendster is still dominant in June 2009 in the Philippines also crushed up. Then Hi5 is popular in Thailand and Portugal also finally beaten up.

However, a number of social media in addition to up still dominant in several countries. In Russia, a major player is V. Kontakte. Orkut is also still strong in Brazil. While China with QZone. Cosenza count, there are 10 other social media that have not been beaten up in several countries.

Furthermore, in June 2009 comparison see map and December 2010.

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