Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Secret leaked, WikiLeaks Hacker Attacked Listen Read phonetically

Wikileaks, a non-profit site which describes the secret documents and the facts surrounding the military in the world, preaching that the page the hackers attacked the site just yesterday. The cause was allegedly because WikiLeaks again released thousands of secret documents.


This is not the first time WikiLeaks indulgence in secret documents that are global. Late last July, about 90 thousand U.S. military's secret document leaked to the public.
The document reveals a number of incidents that go unreported by the U.S. military for six years serving in Afghanistan. Includes a number of military operations which led to the deaths of civilians.
In addition, the whistle-blower site was never divulge 400,000 Iraq War data containing tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and its causes.
However, this time not so smooth road WikiLeaks. Easter indulgence in secret U.S. documents recently, the site was directly hit by hackers with DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service).
"We are currently under a distributed denial of service attacks on a massive scale," said WikiLeaks (@ WikiLeaks) via Twitter account, which quoted VIVAnews.com from the Telegraph, Monday, November 29, 2010.
WikiLeaks added that newspapers will soon publish the secret documents of the United States, although its content sites were destroyed.
This latest leaks published a report describing the secret documents U.S. diplomatic communications with a number of countries.
According to BBC television, Sunday, September 28, 2010 local time, the leaked document was a diplomatic wire received from a number of embassies in Washington (Embassy) U.S. in a number of countries. It is diplomatic wire report on the attitude of some state or government leaders on issues, which should not be made public.
A number of leaks of sensitive diplomatic wire of which it is a report on the attitude of leaders of several Arab countries-including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, which wants the U.S. to attack Iran to resolve the issue of nuclear weapons.
Until now, the new admit Wikileaks publishes 200 of 251 287 data. Although DDoS attacked her kitchen, visitors can still access it at WikiLeaks.org. (Art)• VIVAnews


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