Friday, 14 January 2011

Do not Shame Put Pictures 'Awful' on up

Opportunity to steal other people's attention even greater. 

 Kala want to update your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter, the majority of people concerned to find a physical picture or the most interesting face. Something that is considered to lack such a big nose, chubby cheeks, or excess weight also tried disguised.
Once in a while trying to do the opposite.  

Exposure 'shortage' is. Why? Lack of it can bring its own blessing. 

According to the latest findings dating sites in the network, OKCupid, by displaying the photo you value 'inappropriate', you have a better chance to steal the attention of others. 

This is based on pattern analysis and voice messages 43 thousand women using social networking. If a person feels he was not pretty, the best thing you can do is expose the ugly face with a funny or interesting expression. For them, posed for 'sweet' is rarely useful to capture a potential date. 

How come? According to Christian Rudder from OKCupid, contrary to popular sentiment, men will be more to send a message to the woman who is considered 'not interesting'. It was nothing more than the competition. "Suppose a man likes a woman. If he did not suspect there are other men interested, it means less competition," he said as quoted by Yourtango. 

He suggested that women feel confident and does not hide behind a fake photo. From the survey found, honesty is very important to create opportunities for a date that begins with social media. Thus, the true sage advice that states, "The beauty comes from looking at her eyes." 

Source :: VIVAnews


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