Wednesday, 5 January 2011

You Are Best!

Hmm maybe you often hear "Do not judge the book from its cover". Yes! was not wrong, if we should not judge someone just by appearance alone.

Let's say you go into a shop in department stores, if you do not look cool, in general pramuniaganya will ignore you, or even watching you as if you will steal something from there. Different story if you really keep your appearance, the clerk will give leeway to you, pamper and serve you like a queen. 

Actually there is no wrong side. The clerk is entitled to suspect, because providing services and keeping the goods to be sold is their responsibility. What if they are not too concerned about the goods to be sold, if it is lost or damaged goods, yet they also are going to bear it. 

Maybe we should change our self. We should not cynical at the clerk who was a bit over-protective of the goods at the store. But we have to improve our appearance. It has a sleek appearance does not have to wear expensive brands you know. We still need to be wise in shopping for goods, especially fashion. The most important thing we can always maintain our appearance. 

It can not be denied, all the first impression gained from the eye. It definitely is, because only our sense of vision of the fastest works without the need for a long time. As for knowing the content of feeling, intelligence, tastes, hobbies, and other things we need quite a long time to find out. Well clearly, we must always good to leave the impressions of sweet and admirable to others about ourselves. Surely you do not want low-and no one judged it not? 

It's not always all that assessed only from the cover alone. But if indeed we are able to provide cover as well as good content why not? Is not that is the excess you have? 

Be the first person who can provide the best cover at the same time by sending the contents of this inspiration to your friends. You are the best, not just only from the cover, but you are the best-seller! (Wo / bee)

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