Wednesday, 15 December 2010

7 (Seven) Triggers Acne

 Know your trigger acne to facilitate preventive measures.

Acne is the most common skin problem that is not just ruin the appearance, but also potentially trigger a crisis of confidence. In addition to treatment, you need to identify triggers the appearance of acne as a precautionary measure.
Here are seven causes of the appearance of acne that you need to know:
1. Hormone If the acne appears monthly and periodically, most likely caused by hormones. Fluctuations in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle, is a trigger acne.
2. Stress When you stress, do not be surprised if the acne will grow in large quantities. In fact, when the psychological pressure, the body will produce more androgenic hormones trigger the growth of acne.
3. Phone Are you including miss 'ring-ring'? Wireless phones, including goods, dirty and contaminated many bacteria. Often using the phone for a long time can irritate the skin on the cheek. The effect, acne because bacteria easily grow attached to the cheek.
4. Moisturizing cream Make sure the cream that you use everyday are suitable for skin types. Using a moisturizing cream that does not match the skin type of potential trigger acne and skin inflammation.
5. Sun Sunlight makes the skin thicken. This thickening causes the blockage of pores and acne formation.
6. Highly pigmented cosmetics Cosmetics that contain high color pigments can also clog pores and cause acne. Try to use decorative cosmetics mineral, because it is not very high pigment content.
7. Facial soap Function of facial soap to clean the dirt from his face. But in some facial soap, cleaning the content actually related in the pores and cause blockage that ultimately trigger the growth of acne. (Umi)

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