Thursday, 24 March 2011

Citizens Killed, 24 Year U.S. soldier sentenced

Murder admitted only intended for fun and as a sport only. 
A U.S. military officer was sentenced to prison for 24 years after being found guilty of killing three civilians in Afghanistan. Murder admitted only intended for fun and as a sport only. 

Reporting from the page the Associated Press, Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Jeremy Morlock, 22, also fired with no respect from his unit due to the murder. Morlock was the first U.S. soldier convicted of five other soldiers involved in the murder. 

Morlock is a key figure in the events that are categorized as war crimes. Prosecutors accused him of being a leader in the killing of three unarmed civilians in January, February and May 2010 in Kandahar. 

Morlock pleaded guilty and said the killing of civilians had indeed been planned. "The plan was to kill people," Morlock said in court. 

He also expressed his apology to the families of the victims and all the people of Afghanistan for treatment and his colleagues were. 

To the court, Morlock told the details of a murder committed by him and his associates. He also admitted frequently smoked marijuana in the military barracks in Kandahar. 

Morlock said the murder intentionally made to have fun. Reporting from the pages of The Guardian, he admitted to deliberately design a fake war for the situation to kill innocent civilians. Once killed, they posed with the corpses of victims. 

The photographs were published in the inhuman German newspaper, Der Spiegel. In the three photographs that, it looks Morlock and his colleagues smiled as he grabbed the body of his victim's hair is still young. There is no fear and reluctance on their faces. 

Some of the soldiers who participated in the murder even took some body parts of victims to serve as a memento. Including those taken was the head of the victim to take his skull. 

The U.S. military said in a statement apologizing to the families of the victims of murder, following the publication of the photograph. "(The pictures) are very repulsive to us as human beings and conflict with the standards and values ​​set out in the United States military," the statement read. (Adi)

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