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Asian dominance of the internet speed

The network develops faster internet world 
Asian countries occupy the top spot in Internet speed, according to a global survey by Akamai network.

Akamai data shows global Internet speed is only about 1.7 Mbps (megabits per second) but some Asian countries already have high speed.

Average speed internet

    * South Korea 12Mbps
* Hong Kong 9Mbps
* Japan 7.8Mbps
* Romania 6.3Mbps
* Latvia 6.3Mbps
* Sweden 6.1Mbps
* Netherlands 5.9Mbps
* Czechs Republic 5.4Mbps
* Denmark 5.3Mbps
* Switzerland 5.2Mbps

Fastest broadband network in the world is in the city of Masan, South Korea.

Speed ​​internet in South Korea an average of 12 Mbps with a maximum level of 33 Mpbs.

"100 Mbps is available in South Korea but the price is not affordable by the community, about several hundred dollars per month," said David Belson, Akamai's marketing chief.Asian Domination

Akamai Reports were first researching the internet with mobile phone network amid growing data needs.

Akamai showed 83 out of 109 mobile phone network providers offer speeds of more than 2Mpbs.Impaired global internet

    * Russia 12%
* U.S. 10%
* China 9.1%
* Taiwan 6.1%
* Brazil 6.0%
* Italy 4.4%
* Germany 3.9%
* Romania 3.2%
* Japan 2.9%
* Poland 2.4%

Average speed internet via mobile phones globally average 105 Kbps to 7.2 Mbps.

Asia dominates list of internet speed by more than half of the top 100 cities are in Japan. Only 12 cities in the United States are included in the list.

The top twenty cities are in Japan or South Korea with the exception of the city of Umea in Sweden, in places to 18.

Other city in Europe that occupies the top 100, including Baden-Baden in Germany, Wageningen in the Netherlands and Timisoara in Romania.

The report also examines what he called attacks on Internet traffic, such as the number of spam. Russia was in the top spot with 12% of this disorder.

Akamai provides about 15 to 30% of the Internet.

In the first quarter of this year, more than 487 million unique IP addresses of 233 countries or areas related to the company network.

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