Saturday, 8 January 2011

Business Opportunities Digital Sablon

Digital printing business is the type of business that has a target market that is still very wide. Target markets include private businesses to large corporations. It could be said that this type of effort will not be lonely because for those who require the services of these businesses still need promotion for their company's progress in attracting customers. 

Usually digital printing business is the most crowded sought during election season (Regional Head Election) or the election of legislators. Market share is usually needed souvenirs to support their election campaign. 

This is where your creativity as a business owner is forced to be more in producing unique and creative souvenir. Benefits also could be doubled because the orders that come in the party / large quantities.
Digital Vs business Sablon Sablon Business Manual 

Digital printing business a step ahead compared to the manual screen printing business. In the same period, digital printing producing more than screen printing manuals. When you manually have to print T-shirt screen printing large quantities of it with digital printing you can print t-shirts even though only one fruit. 

This digital screen printing technique memfaatkan heat transfer technology to print text or images on certain media such as glasses / mugs, t-shirts, hats, ID Card and others. 

If you want to start this business, venture capital is needed is not too big. The value of investments ranging from 1-6 million. This business is able to obtain up to 100% profit margins even more. 

Here's an example calculation of business investment in digital printing for t-shirts products (T-shirts):
Raw Materials Price:

* T: USD 17,000 / T
* Paper Transfers: USD 250 / Sheet
* Ink: USD 1280 / T-Shirt

Total investment for a T = USD 18,510 You can set the price ranges = Rp 35,000 - Rp 40,000 So the profit margin that you get = more than 100%
Digital Silk Screen Equipment 

To obtain a digital screen printing machine is not difficult. In the market, many manufacturers of digital printing machines present their best with the quality that no doubt. Find the digital screen printing machine which has a warranty service, even meawarkan lifetime warranty. 

So it is with ink to be used. Choose the ink with the best quality and perfect color. This type of ink as you can get from imported Korean ink, ink-producing country in the world. Source::


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