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3 Terms Writing Worksheets

In the academic world, especially college writing scientific papers is the everyday language. That is, anyone who is in the scope of academics or carefree college must understand the requirements of writing scientific papers. An understanding of the requirements of writing scientific papers is very necessary to keep in socialized. 

That is, do not let them blind at all about the terms of the writing of this manuscript. If this happens, then the reputation of Human Resources (HR) universities need to be questioned. Why? 

In the world of academia, it is definitely writing scientific papers is an important factor to make penilaiaan. Imagine, if academics in the world of higher education have never even had never done writing scientific papers, of course, that person does not have scientific authority recognized by the general public. 

But imagine, if for example a lecturer or instructor in a college writing. Whether it's in scientific journals, magazines or newspapers both locally and nationally, the degree of their academics will always rise or acknowledged, either among themselves or recognized academic public.
3 requirement of writing 

Indeed, if assessed more in terms of writing scientific papers were so tight. But at least, will put forward three conditions in the writing of this manuscript. This requirement becomes the main reference when you menulisa scientific work which you dedicate to the public. 

These requirements are as follows: 

1. Own ideas 

Yes, every scientific work is the idea myself. Once you copy the idea or just repeat a similar idea ditelurkan by others, then your reputation will be questioned. For that, you need to build a reputation with the spawn original ideas or your original ideas. If your idea interesting and new, that has never existed before, then later you scientific papers will be considered and get more attention from the public. Public good academics and the public itself from the general public. 

2. There is data and analysis 

A scholarly work, of course, must explores data and references. This data can be a survey about something. Could also be a result of your own research. This data can also mean showing different kinds of literature from books, scholarly journals, as well as other scientific resources related to the work that is being created. This data can also mean thinking leaders who support an issue that you are reviewed, the aim is to strengthen your argument. In addition to the data, another important factor is the analysis. Analysis is the sharpness of your logic in the review of a problem. How can you review a problem with how systematic and trace so easily understood by the reader. 

3. According to the rules EYD 

Last requirement is a scholarly work you need to use the rule EYD or spellings Yang enhanced. That refers to the rules of Indonesian language properly and correctly. That means you are not allowed to use slang or even languages currently busy Alay used by young children in Indonesia. 

That's a small part of writing the requirements of scientific work. Try to understand those three things first and practice. Hopefully you get your scientific work incredible welcome from readers. Good writing, good luck.

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