Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Photo shots Cooper, the Cat Photographers

In this book, Cooper also provides comments and tips.
A cat named Cooper recently published works jepretannya results in a book. Cat photos from Seattle, the United States is also gaining acceptance from a number of animal lovers.

As reported by the, couples caring for Cooper, Deirdre and Michael Cross, Cooper put a camera around your neck. Every two minutes or so, this camera will take pictures automatically. And, Cooper was ready for action.
Through Cooper's photographs, the world could see places where only the cat's away, start the interaction with neighboring pets, even until the weather changes, and certainly from the perspective of a five-year-old cat.
In this book, Cooper, American Shorthair manifold is joined to provide comments and tips. Click here to see pictures of Cooper's caliber photographers shots!

Some mass media there also to comment on the issuance of this book.

"Have you ever imagine what the cat when you are not there? This is a year in the life of a cat." - GOOD MORNING AMERICA

"Deirdre and Michael Cross put the camera on their cat's neck and automatically take pictures every two minutes. Cooper's point of view of the world is very different from most people see. "- ANIMAL PLANET's" CATS 101 "

"Cooper ... the cat's first photographer!" - IN TOUCH Weekly

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